07 Oktober 2008

LOST - News

Gestern abend im LOST-Forum gefunden:
Infos über die erste Folge der 5. Staffel, die im Januar 2009 ausgestrahlt wird.

Name der Folge ist "Because You Left".
Es laufen jetzt natürlich die Gerüchte, wer der Main-Charakter der Folge sein wird.

Viele denken dabei an John Locke, weil Ben ihn ja "verlassen" hat, andere tippen auf eine Sawyer/Kate-Folge.

Ausserdem soll es neue Charaktere geben in Staffel 5:


Caesar, a dangerous, physical and extremely intelligent male between the ages of 35 and 45. Although his intentions are unclear, this much is certain: he's as skillful at charming people as he is at killing them. He also has a dark past.

Ilanna, a European female in her late 20s to early 30s who possesses great intelligence, but who's also dangerous as all get out. She's alluring and apparently used to getting her own way.

A foreman, a blue-collar construction worker. He's worked hard to get where he is and provide for his family. He cares deeply for his crew, hates it when management is condescending and arrogant but ultimately knows his place in the pecking order.

Martha, an attractive Asian female. A smart, capable scientist with a strong personality who has taken a break to raise her baby but plans to work again. Completely believes in the work she is doing but sometimes questions the decisions of those in charge.

Dan, a high-priced attorney, someone really sharp who can be friendly. However, there's a real menace lurking below the surface.


Menno, noch 120 Tage bis zur fünften Staffel, wenn sie wirklich erst Anfang Februar kommt :-[
Wird Zeit, Staffel 1-4 nochmal anzusehen, um den Anschluß zu bekommen...


Scary Alice hat gesagt…

mein countdown zähler lügt nicht ;)

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ich war mal so frei,
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